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Thread: Renew a certificate

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    Default Renew a certificate

    My secure certificates have expired. How do I create and install new ones that will last a whole year instead of three months?

    I know I've seen this topic before, but I have searched the forums for about 45 minutes now and can't find them. Sorry if it's been discussed to death, but can someone point me to the right place???


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    Default renew a ssl certificate: which csr should i use?

    sorry for lame question

    i have to renew a ssl commercial certificate, as it very near to expire (between 10 days)
    this is a rapidssl cert and i apply for it using onlinenic form
    now, i am in this form and it ask me if it is an *initial* cert or a *renewal* one, indeed i select a renewal

    then, it ask me for a csr, my question is:
    can i submit the same csr i used one year ago or should i recreate a new csr?

    i think that i should use the older csr, but i would be sure to do the right things before proceed

    tia for any help

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