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Thread: Zimbra 6.0 OSS Questions

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    Default Zimbra 6.0 OSS Questions

    We currently use 5.0.10 OSS on SLES10/OES SP1. Our current setup of the zimbra server is such:
    mysql runs on it
    dhcp runs on it
    and the biggest thing is we have zimbra bound to a specific ip (so we can run edir on it). Edir is bound to a specific ip and zimbra is bound to a different specific ip. We are looking to upgrade to 6.0RC1 next week but we need to make sure of a few things:
    1-does 6.0RC1 use jetty? and if so, can you still bind jetty to a specific ip?
    2-along the same lines as (1)-can you still bind zimbra to a specific ip?
    Maybe some of you could share a link to as what changes/stays the same in 6.0RC1 instead of me asking some many questions? I have read the RFE's and bugs at Zimbra Product Portal but i want to know what if anything changes with 6.0RC1? Thanks for any help

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    Personally, I do not think that ZCS 6.0RC1 will be available as per the pm ... Though I am usually wrong

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    My thought is this. We haven't seen 5.0.12 yet. Unless they are breaking
    with convention and doing away with the release version corresponding to the month I'd say 6.0 is at least a month away.

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