We currently use 5.0.10 OSS on SLES10/OES SP1. Our current setup of the zimbra server is such:
mysql runs on it
dhcp runs on it
and the biggest thing is we have zimbra bound to a specific ip (so we can run edir on it). Edir is bound to a specific ip and zimbra is bound to a different specific ip. We are looking to upgrade to 6.0RC1 next week but we need to make sure of a few things:
1-does 6.0RC1 use jetty? and if so, can you still bind jetty to a specific ip?
2-along the same lines as (1)-can you still bind zimbra to a specific ip?
Maybe some of you could share a link to as what changes/stays the same in 6.0RC1 instead of me asking some many questions? I have read the RFE's and bugs at Zimbra Product Portal but i want to know what if anything changes with 6.0RC1? Thanks for any help