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    Default All Messages Being Marked as SPAM

    Good Afternoon,

    First of all, I want to thank everyone on the forum, I have been able to resolve alot of my problems before even posting!

    I have run into one problem however that does not seem to be out their, Everyone of my incoming and outgoing messages are being marked as ****SPAM**** when the anti-spam service is turned on. I had figured that this was an issue with training the system, However all mail outgoing from the Zimbra server is being mark as SPAM as SPAM by the Zimbra server.

    Any ideas?


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    Post the headers with the SPAM info. It will show which tests are triggering this.
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    You should also check what the Kill percent & Tag percent settings are set to, offhand I can't remember what the default is but my settings are 66/25 respectively and I don't see that problem.


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