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Thread: migrating users from one domain to another in Zimbra 5.0.11

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    Default migrating users from one domain to another in Zimbra 5.0.11

    hello !

    I recently decided to change my mailserver from squirellmail to zimbra collaboration suite along with migrating all of the user accounts as well, which i sucessfully did with imapsync...the domain I created in the zimbra admin gui was,since my squirrelmail server is still running i have created all of the user accounts in that domain migrated all of the squirrelmail accounts to it, recreated the distribution lists, now i have a question...

    Since my domain name on the zimbra server is as I allready said is there a way to switch the name of the domain to just along with all the users and destribution lists ?

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    I would sugest you to just create a new domain in zimbra and go to each account and switch to the new domain, I know there is a command to change ther server name but I am not shure it will change all the users in that domain.


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