Hello fellow Zimbra addicts.
I have a client who decided to go the whole nine yards on Zimbra. We had a few features they wanted and these features are why Zimbra became the group ware suite of their choice. Unfortunately some of the features do not seem to work as intended. Please let me know if you have experienced the same issues and or found a solution to it.

  1. Message threading:
    1. Threading seems to happen more than it should, the threads are including messages that are not related in any way. I am sure some lexical processing has tagged the message with the thread ID or however Zimbra handles it. Has anyone else experienced this function issue? Is this an issue?
    2. When a message comes into a shared email folder, none of the people who share it can mark it read for others to see. We also noted that replies or other sent messages from the thread don't show up in the thread unless you also share the sent mail box (this makes sense but would have been nice to know)
  2. Tags:
    1. Wouldn't it be nice to allow shared email folders and shared tag lists that show up to everyone who has access to the shared tag resources? This way a single managing user could flag certain emails based on order of importance or whatever custom methodology they use for all to see.
  3. Shared resources and new users:
    1. I've noted that if you have a group associated with a share that adding to that share does not automatically add the end user or send a message to that new user. Instead you have to go into every share that group has and re-issue the share email while simultaneously telling everyone else to ignore the new share request or risk duplicate shares.
  4. Spam/AV:
    1. Is there a better tool for handling quarantines or blocked email lists for perusal in case an email was erroneously blocked?
Please let's discuss this and what we have done to work around them.

Erik Mullinix