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Thread: Adding Multiple Forwarding Addresses

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    Default Adding Multiple Forwarding Addresses


    I need to add multiple forwarding addresses, and have done so through a script using zmprov, but when I check my admin console I see only one address under the account. Here's what I mean:

    As you can see, there is only one address in the 'User-specified forwarding address' field. Does this mean that even though I put multiple addresses in my script, that only one address is being used? Lastly, instead of putting forwarding addresses on an account, I was thinking about just making a distribution list, but the issue with that is, there are a couple personal email accounts that are forwarded to more than one email address. For example: is forwarded to AND

    In this scenario, I would have to be able to add TWO forwarding addresses to the same email account. Any help?
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