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Thread: Note on creating SSL certs in opensource zimbra

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    Default Note on creating SSL certs in opensource zimbra

    I recently upgraded to 5.0.11 and have seen something that was unpleasant to deal with.

    I was at 5.0.4 and had to create SSL cert since mine were expired.

    Using the zimbra admin web console got me errors. I then saw it really didn't work from admin web console. I had to fix SSL certs from command line using one of the wiki posts. It was ugly but it worked!

    Does the SSL cert tool work from the 5.0.11 admin web console? Am I going to have to use command line to create the new certs when these SSL certs expire? Why even put an SSL cert tool in the admin console if it doesn't work!!

    I just want this to be clear for any other admins or users - the SSL cert tools in the admin console DO NOT WORK! USE THE COMMAND LINE FOR CREATING SSL CERTS.

    Does this work in the network version? Maybe this is a tactic to get people to pay for the network version? It's a good tactic....

    Thank you,


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    it's actually a government conspiracy to keep people from using ssl so they can monitor your e-mail.

    i remember there was a bug that had something to do with zimbra doing a bad concatination of the cert and the chain file. is that what you hit? if so i think thats been fixed.

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    I have installed a GoDaddy ssl certificate in zimbra 5.0.11 using the web interface
    without any problem

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