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Thread: Update contacts in a shared address book

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    Default SOLVED Update contacts in a shared address book

    Hi all,

    Our organization uses an huge shared address book to share with all our employees all the organization's contacts (names, email addresses, mail addresses, phone numbers, etc). This is an extra address book respect the GAL because it includes people without an account on our zimbra system.

    This address book has been created from an "admin" account and shared to a distribution list that includes around 100 accounts.

    All the contacts from this address book are exported periodically from an external database into a cvs file and it's exactly at this point where we are not able to find a solution.
    More or less every two months we update our external database changing names, addresses and other fields and we would like to update the shared address book in zimbra in a transparency way without ask to the end users to accepts another address book with the update contacts.

    We tried different solutions, like importing the update csv file from the Preferences panel but without any success.

    Any tips or suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance.

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