This weekend, I upgraded my 3.0 Beta 3 install to 3.1 GA. (FC 4 Linux). The upgrade appeared to go smoothly, (i.e. no error messages), and the services are all running. I have stopped and started the services several times since the upgrade.

Before the upgrade, users could access zimbra either locally (as zimbra.ourdomain.local) or over the internet (as Now, when a user goes to, the zimbra login screen displays. The user enters the login information, and then while logging in, the url changes to zimbra.ourdomain.local. This causes a 'page not found error' and stops the process.

When accessing zimbra on our local domain, users can log in, zimbra doesn't appear to be sending or receiving mail.

I think both of these problems are related to the server name, but I wanted to see if anyone has any other ideas?