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Thread: localization issue when adding attachment

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    Default localization issue when adding attachment

    Dear All,

    I don't know if someone can help to test if this also exists in your local language (except English, english version works ok)

    1. Switch to Standard HTML web interface and Compose email

    2. Add a file with filename in your local language, for instance, we're using Traditional Chinese here. and I attach a file with its name in Chinese.

    3. click Done to continue, and do you see the filename is broken in web client? it will just display ??????????? (check the attached screenshot)

    Can anyone advise how to fix this issue???
    It doesn't happen in Advanced Client, however, due to hardware limit, some users need to use HTML standard client.

    By the way, I also test ZCS 5.0.11 Open Source Edition, same issue happens.
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