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Thread: What do the delay messages mean?

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    Default What do the delay messages mean?

    Jan 22 09:55:41 zcs postfix/smtp[1163]: BF7A01608844: to=<>, relay=[], delay=9, status=sent
    (250 Ok: queued as 0E8CC1608845)
    Jan 22 09:55:42 zcs postfix/smtp[6335]: 0E8CC1608845: to=<>,[208.65.
    144.3], delay=1, status=sent (250 Backend Replied []: .6.0 <114DD3F6-1233-43
    3 (Mode: normal))

    What does 'delay=9' mean? Does anyone have the list of what the delay messages mean? Does this mean that the mail is queued and delayed indefinitely?
    I am having trouble with mail being queued for over 12 hours. I don't know how to diagnose this issue.

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    This is how long the message took to be delivered to in you case 9 seconds


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