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Thread: Reply Status on Shared Email Folders

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    Default Reply Status on Shared Email Folders

    I'm not seeing the reply status on shared-email accounts via the web ui.

    Basically, if I reply to an email in a shared email folder the icon for that message doesn;t show that it has been replied to.

    Permissions on the folder is rwidx, using Debian 5.011.


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    We are seeing the same behavior. Our call center relies on the icon to indicate whether a message has been addressed since the shared folder is used by multiple people.
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Same issue.

    We're experiencing the same issue on Network Edition 6.0.2.
    It's a fairly important feature for some new customers.
    I suppose I'll be filing a bug report on this unless there are any other suggestions.
    Zimbra - Release 6.0.2_GA UBUNTU8 NETWORK edition - Running under KVM

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