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Thread: Anti spam set up - A long story..

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    Default Anti spam set up - A long story..

    Hi !

    I just started using the Zimbra collaboration suite a couple of day ago and have some questions..tried looking for the answers but my case is a bit specific so please bear with me....

    I went thru migration of users from a postfix based squirrelmail uing imapsync with no problems at all... The first thing i did was created a domain which was named migrated all the users into that domain...the reaseon for that was, my postfix mailserver had to be running all the time...tested it i than made a new domain altered my mx record...and put all of the users from to the domain and everything seams to be working just great BUT...i don't know what to do with the default spam,ham training accounts...they are curently still in the domain...should i put tham back in the original domain ?

    Why do I ask the question...?

    SpamAssassin seams to be stoping some spam, but not all... When I view the mail of the spam account there is no mail there yet server statistics show a lot of antispam activity...why is the spam training account empty then ?

    in Server settings antispam is check so it should be working..i guess...

    spam massage life time is set o 3 days, trashed massage lifetime is set to 15 day..

    Have not altered the kill and tag % values...

    To cut the long story short...

    Is there a way i can check if SpamAssisin is working the way it should be from the command line..if so what is the command for that ?

    Also is there a way i can build a spam list mannualy if so how ?

    How should all the the settings be set up in the admin gui interface look like ?

    Again in which domain should i put the spam and ham training accounts ?

    How should i set up the spam and trash mail massage lifetime, and the kill and tag %

    Sorry for posting such a long post...but I am a complete newbie in the zimbra world and have a lot of users with minimal understanding or please help ?

    Thank you in advace...

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    You should also check that your spam/ham accounts are set correctly, to list the current accounts use the following:

    zmprov gacf | grep SpamAccount
    To set the new spam/ham accounts use the following:

    zmprov mcf zimbraSpamIsSpamAccount
    zmprov mcf zimbraSpamIsNotSpamAccount


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    Default anti spam


    First of all thanks for the reply...

    Have read the SpamAssissin wiki..very usefull..

    now about spam account zmprov command...

    changed the spam and ham accounts from to

    went to zimbra administration console... viewed the mail for both spam and ham accounts...inbox still empty ! ?

    zmcontrol status says antispam is running..the documentation states that the spam and ham accounts should have no quota i guess i should see something in the inboxes of these accounts but as I allready said...they are empty... ? i can give you all my settings from the admin console if needed...

    Thank you

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