Hi there, I am sorry if this thread has been dupicated. I am wondering if anyone can offer some advice.

Our current zimbra server is nearing capacity and we are looking to move the installation onto another server.

the old box is Release 5.0.4_GA_2101.UBUNTU6 UBUNTU6 FOSS edition (ubuntu 6.06) however some of the hardware on the new box is not detected by it.

I have installed 8.06 onto the new box, all has gone well.

Reading from the following page Moving ZCS to Another Server Zimbra :: Blog

it says i should install the same version of Zimbra on the new box as the old one. When I try and load it. it is missing some dependencies.

I tried to install the latest version on 8.06 and this also dose not meet the dependencies. I have gone into /utils/utilfunc.sh and changed the name of one of the dependencies to the name of the package that supersedes it. (libltdl3) to (libltdl7)

Can I install the later version of Zimbra on the new box and still migrate over?

Should I upgrade the current installation to the latest version first?

Will either work with the new version of this LIb?

Many thanks in advance

Werneth School