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Thread: Still Cannot Send Emails to Yahoo

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    I use my upstream ISP as a smarthost so have never had a issue.

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    Still trying to resolve this....

    I did the following:

    Open /opt/zimbra/amavisd/sbin/amavisd


    Make sure they are all set to 0 [zero] and the Amavis headers should be gone after you restart the MTA.

    (this mod did nothing... Everything was already set to 0 except $remove_existing_spam_headers)

    In "/opt/zimbra/conf/" I added:


    /^Received: from .+\..+\.domain\.com .+(by zimbra\.domain\.com .+) / REPLACE Received: $1

    This mod produced the following error when I stopped and started the MTA

    PHP Code:
    Stopping zmmtaconfig...done.
    postfix/postfix-scriptstopping the Postfix mail system
    Stopping saslauthd
    zimbra@mail:/rootzmmtactl start
    Rewriting configuration files
    Starting zmmtaconfig...done.
    postmapwarning: /opt/zimbra/conf/postfix_header_checks.9GdvcRline 5record is in "key: value" formatis this an alias file?
    postfix/postfix-scriptwarningnot owned by root: /opt/zimbra/postfix-
    /postfix-scriptstarting the Postfix mail system
    Starting saslauthd
    And the last mod did not strip out the headers. thoughts???
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    Just reviewed this post which is on the same topic - looks like they never resolved the problem.

    I'm surprised more people are not concerned w/ this issue. I can't figure out how other zimbra admins are getting email through to w/out fixing this header issue.

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    just wanted to close this loop on this... my inability to send email to yahoo had nothing to do with zimbra, or my setup. Both were fine. My colo gave me an IP that was simply black listed by yahoo (but it was not on any other public black list). So, I moved the server to a new IP and I can email yahoo no problem.

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    We'll - turns out I was not able to solve this issue... I just moved Zimbra to a dedicated server and new IP. I thought the new IP resolved the issue, but I'm still having problems. mxlogic, hotmail, and yahoo all deliver my email to spam.

    RDNS is setup properly, I tried the header strip solution (which never acutally worked), SPF is setup and works properly...

    When I relay my mail through a DKIM signature box (iredmail) everything delivers fine to yahoo, hotmail, mylogic, etc.... I really think Zimbra should look into why this problem persists. From reading the forums lots of people are having this problem and they capitulate and "live with it" which is not an acceptable solution, in my mind.

    I guess I'll file a bug on this one.
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