I tried to upgrade from ZCS 5.0.11 to 5.0.12

The upgrade process froze when installing zimbra-core. I stopped it after 2 hours, then I had to purge manually dpkg in order to try again (there was errors when trying again).

I tried to install again 5.0.12, 5.0.11, I tried to uninstall them with install.sh -u, to uninstall them manually (following the wiki page). Everytime the install process freezes when installing zimbra-core

I tried to install zimbra-core manually with dpkg-i, and it freezed juste after displaying "unpacking zimbra-core"

I don't understant what's happening .... do I have to reinstall completely the server ??? This would be a very bad news....

Of course I did a backup of the whole /opt/zimbra directory before, so if I can avoid installing again the whole server with all the applications it would be quite easy to recover. But I have to find out why the install process freezes.

If someone has an idea this may save me !

Thanks a lot !