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Thread: [SOLVED] Zimbra un-install deletes the /opt/zimbra/backup directory

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    Default [SOLVED] Zimbra un-install deletes the /opt/zimbra/backup directory

    Hello All
    When the Zimbra un-installer is run " ./ -u " it would not only remove the zimbra installation but it would also deletes the /opt/zimbra/backup directory.

    This may not seem like much, but I can imagine how someone might do the un-install option when attempting to recover from a corrupted Zimbra installation or recover from a down server. They would be in for a surprise when attempting to re-install and restore the mailbox and LDAP accounts from backup when they find the /opt/zimbra/backup is empty.

    Running the command " tar xzpf backup.tar " helps by making tar ball backups of the backup directory. But this is not perfect and not all the important data is backed up. Mounting the backup directory on a network share or other disk helps prevent loss of backups due to Operating System or Disk / partition failure but it wont protect from the Zimbra Un-installer.

    It seems strange that the Zimbra Un-installer does not give an administrator the option to "remove everything but backups" ?

    Should the Zimbra un-installer be modified to give an option to preserve backups or is there a switch that can be invoked to make it preserve backups?

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    The uninstaller will remove everything in the /opt/zimbra directory structure, if you think there's a case for changing that please file an RFE in bugzilla.


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    Default Created Bug 35032

    Created Bug 35032

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    you have the ability to set the backup directory as well, and a best practice would be to set it outside of /opt/zimbra. the other side of the coin with your suggestion is users who were maybe testing zimbra for a while, go to delete it and aren't aware that it didn't remove the backup directory and now have wasted space.

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