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Thread: End-user per-folder lifetime/retention policies?

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    Question End-user per-folder lifetime/retention policies?

    Is there any way for end-users to specify retention policies (message lifetimes) for arbitrary folders in their accounts? I have several folders to which my filters shunt mail where I'd like to have rules such as "delete messages older than 30 days" (or 90 days)

    The only bug that came up in cursory searches is:

    Bug 6229 - Individual Folder Max Messages and Max Lifetime

    But it looks kind of stale.

    Ideally, I'd like something like the Retention Policy dialog you can get in Thunderbird on the Properties dialog for an individual folder, with the capability for the COS to override end-user settings.

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    I believe the option is global and cannot be applied to individual folders. Please vote for that RFE and hopefully now it has been raised others will vote aswell

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