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Thread: Users with mail disabled

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    Default Users with mail disabled

    Is it possible to create a COS with everything disabled, except for Change Password functionality? I tried to disable various features, and it worked for most of them, but not for mail. I saw a thread which started with this question, but never found it answered.

    The reason I want this is that some users on the server will be using full range of features of Zimbra, but I also have users which will be just registered in Zimbra's LDAP to allow them to access services unrelated to Zimbra. For these users, Zimbra's password change interface would be a convenient option.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kopts View Post
    I saw a thread which started with this question, but never found it answered.
    The answer is in that thread, you can't disable the mail function. Zimbra is an email server and Collaboration Suite, it wouldn't make sense to disable the mail function.


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