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Thread: Web Client Hangs on Reply

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    Default Web Client Hangs on Reply

    Many users on my system are reporting that Zimbra advanced ajax web client is hanging when replying to a message.

    As you know when the ajax client replys it generates another web page
    > when send is clicked IE bombs and the following errors come up when we
    > click details
    > Line: 12025
    > Char: 1
    > Error: Exception thrown and not caught
    > URL:
    > Skin=sky&localeld=en_US
    > By clicking on the previous button we saw this error:
    > Line: 7407
    > Char: 1
    > Error: Object required
    > URL:
    > Skin=sky&localeld=en_US
    Has anyone seen this? Any solutions or ideas.


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    Can you show us snips from around that line? Without a version number we have no clue what that might contain.

    Could you post the output of:
    su - zimbra
    zmcontrol -v

    Or in the ajax web-client search bar enter:
    $set:get version

    Also your IE version. Does it fail in FF?

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