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Thread: [SOLVED] Extra Full Backups

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    Cool [SOLVED] Extra Full Backups

    My schedule for backups is the following:

    [zimbra@mailstore01 cron.daily]$ zmschedulebackup -q
    Current Schedule:

    f 0 1 * * 6 -a all
    i 0 1 * * 0-5
    d 1m 0 0 * * *
    [zimbra@mailstore01 cron.daily]$

    So I expect to see only one full backup each week at 01:00 on Sunday morning. Instead I see two full backups. One at 01:00 on Saturday morning, which backs up all of my accounts, and a second full backup which backs up one or two accounts. It does so every week, but on different days, and no one is triggering it manually, so why is it doing the extra backups and where is this set?


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    If the user was created since the last full backup or does not have a full backup in the system, the incremental will fire off a full backup of that user's account. Have a look at the Incremental Backup Process section:

    Network Edition Backup Procedure - Zimbra :: Wiki

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