Not entirely sure if anybody has seen this but my searches on the forum are coming up with too many false positives and un-answered posts to be helpful.

I use Zimbra Desktop 1.0 (it updates itself, so whatever is latest right now) with my server on (Release 5.0.12_GA_2789.RHEL5_20090126021651 CentOS5 NETWORK edition) which I plan to up to .13 tonight.

Anyway, I had a dentist appointment and a few meetings about 2 weeks ago, and since they have passed EVERY TIME I open Zimbra Desktop, without fail, I get a pop-up telling me that my dentist appointment is over due.

I always click Dismiss on it, and it will go away for the rest of the day until I shut down my computer and start up tomorrow and fire up Zdesktop again. Blam! Those two appointments pop-up again.

To get rid of them, I had to just go to my calendar and erase them from existence which bothers me because I now have no history of what my appointments were should I need to refer back to them.

Anybody know why Zimbra seems to fall in love with certain appointments and never consider them over, even after weeks of hitting Dismiss? All my other appointments never come back after I dismiss them... just these two... very weird.

This has not yet been reported as a widespread issue but I have about 50 users on here so I want to solve this before more people come to me with dead appointments that pester from beyond the grave.