Dear All,
recently, we're doing filesystem migration and it turned to some users have problem in receiving emails from POP3 / Web Client.

for POP3 users (on Outlook Express), they will see something like:

ERR No such blob: mailbox=3, item=20644, change=27204

and checking by "zmblobchk" command, it shows :
* MailboxGroup=3, mailbox=3, item=20644: file not found: 20644-27204.msg (delete associated metadata)
* /opt/store/message/0/11/msg/1/7535-9149.msg: no associated metadata (delete blob)


Are these two kinds of message indicating same error?
or are they different things?

How can we fix this error ?

How can we remove these meta data, because we have a front-end
equipment (spam gateway) which keep copy of all emails. it's also fine
for us to remove such meta data and do a "resend" action from spam
gateway equipment.

by the way, this is a ZCS 5.0.9 Open Source Edition and running on CentOS 4.4.

any comment will be highly appreciated...