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Thread: [SOLVED] Usernames with Multi Server and Proxy

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    Default [SOLVED] Usernames with Multi Server and Proxy

    We have set up a multi server installation with LDAP and IMAP/HTTP proxy on host A and mailbox server on host B. Other mailbox servers are planned.

    When creating a new user on host B, we set the username to <user>@<hostB>.<domain>. To successfully log in at the HTTP webinterface on host A with the user just created, we have to give the whole username including host and domain. That means, that every user has to know, on which mailbox server she resides.

    Is there a way to login with the username only?

    We already have tried setting the username to <user>@<hostA>.<domain>, but that does not work either. Are we missing something in the proxy configuration?

    Any hints are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Actually, you should not create username such as user@host.domain.tld but just as user@domain.tld.

    In your way, users are in different domains.
    So there's no way you can login with the "user" only trough the proxy.

    One of zimbra-proxy's aim is to hide any number of mailbox to the users (so it means the usernames must not be host-related).

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    OK, that worked. Thanks.

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