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Thread: Set catch-all address to spam-training account?

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    Default Set catch-all address to spam-training account?


    every day I get mail log reports detailing all the invalid addresses spammers are trying to send email to. They get rejected of course.

    Would there be any reason not to set a catch-all address for the domain which directed all of these to the spam training account?


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    I don't think it would work because the spam training account only accepts (for training) messages that are forwarded as attachments, which redirection will not do.

    You might be able to set a separate catch-all address, and then set a filter on that address that moves everything to the Junk folder, which, in turn, would cause it to be sent properly to the spam training account. I haven't tried this, but I think it ought to work. . .

    The problem, of course, is that "catch-all" as its name suggest, really catches everything that isn't otherwise designated, which would include innocent typos by legitimate mailers. I think you could find that such a plan causes more trouble than it solves. . .hence, I would suggest that it's better to use automated training on only specific designated "honeypot" addresses rather than everything with an invalid address.


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