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Thread: Tomcat halt problem/Java Errors

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    Default Tomcat halt problem/Java Errors


    I have Zimbra 3.1 installed on SuSE 10 box (updated with latest patches, P4/2.8 GHz, 1 GB RAM, RAID 5, only 20 mailboxes). I have run into problem - after certain period of time Zimra's Tomcat halts, and the whole Zimbra suite becomes unoperacional. Rebooting helps, but only for limited period of time. I have checked log, and found this:


    2006-04-23 18:08:02,266 INFO [Pop3Server-18050] [] pop - connected
    2006-04-23 18:08:02,275 INFO [Timer-0] [] stats - 04/23/2006 18:08:02,1,18308030,1,,,8,0.75,,,,,,,,,,,,,,88.748 ,0,83,73,4,566,39614,,1,0,0,0
    2006-04-23 18:08:02,578 INFO [Pop3Server-18050] [ip=;;] pop - quit from client
    2006-04-23 18:08:02,579 INFO [Pop3Server-18050] [] ProtocolHandler - Handler exiting normally
    2006-04-23 18:08:17,814 FATAL [LmtpServer-1068] [] system - Fatal error occurred while handling connection
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space


    2006-04-24 09:47:48,902 INFO [LmtpServer-13] [;] FileBlobStore - Renamed id=3039 mbox=3 oldpath=/opt/zimbra/store/incoming/1145861029924-78.msg newpath=/opt/zimbra/store/0/3/msg/0/3039-4852.msg
    2006-04-24 09:47:51,096 INFO [LmtpServer-13] [;] mailbox - Added message id=3039 digest=EQjSlEZXDrk5VuPyX4mPTAVxAKU= mailbox=3
    2006-04-24 09:47:51,633 FATAL [LmtpServer-17] [] system - Fatal error occurred while handling connection
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space


    I have reinstalled Zimbra, it did not help. It looks like out of memory problem with JVM. I have second JVM 1.5 installed (from SuSE distro), which is also active. May be this is possible cause of the problem? I have checked RAM - 40% free almost all the time, and very few swap used.

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    I would have thought that was enough RAM for that number of users but you can change the % if you have a look at this post.


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    Default Re: Tomcat halt problem/Java Errors

    Thanks for suggestion. As far as I know UNIX, memory limit should not be an issue since I have 1 GB real RAM and 2 GB swap. Or in case of Tomcat & JVM it is not true?

    That's seems really strange, since I have much more heavy-loaded Linux boxes with 1 GB RAM, and no out-of-memory failures (20 mailboxes is really a joke). Sorry, I do not know much of Java & Tomcat internals, just guessing.

    What I am really afraid that problem arises from somewhere else, and while I am adding RAM, the whole mail system may play RIP.

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