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Thread: During backup: User account in maintenance mode?

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    Default During backup: User account in maintenance mode?


    during the backup our users had problems using Zimbra.
    When opening the account in the Admin frontend I get this error:

    Mail: mailbox in maintenance mode: 8 Fehlercode: mail.MAINTENANCE Method: GetMailboxRequest Details:soap:Receiver

    Can anyone help?

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    zimbra puts the account in maintenance mode while a backup is being done. (ie user 'a' will be locked when user 'a's' mail is being backed up.

    to see who's mail is being backed up ..
    run (as zimbra user)

    should give something like

    Label: full-20090xxxxxxxxxx
    Type: full
    Status: in progress
    Started: Mon, 2009/04/27 01:00:58.126 EDT
    Redo log sequence range: 1794 .. 1805
    Currently backing up:
    Number of accounts: xxx
    xxx out of xxx accounts have been backed up

    hope this helps

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    That behavior is by design so the backup utility isn't aiming for a moving target while trying to backup.

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