I have a small group of users testing the enterprise version of Zimbra (Release 5.0.11_GA_2695.SLES10_64_20081117121224 SLES10_64 NETWORK edition). They have come up with a small list of questions. Has anybody else run across any of these issues?

1. My Drafts folder shows multiple New items, yet only one exists

2. Can't Print Individual Appointments & Attachments in Calendar

3. Email address blocks can't seem to handle multiple email lists or groups.

4. You can't save an email to text.

5. If you forward a email from a folder someone has shared with you, the new email contains your name, but the reply to address is from the person who shared the folder with you.

6. Don't know how to auto-reply to only internal email only.

7. The email composition function does not have:
a. You can not attach an existing email or emails to a new email message
b. If you use a list/group in an address line "to", you can not use a second group/list