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Thread: [SOLVED] modify homeDirectory and loginShell directives

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    Default [SOLVED] modify homeDirectory and loginShell directives

    Hi all,

    I having integrated Unix/Samba users with Zimbra and would like to change the values of;

    homeDirectory from /home/user to something else.


    loginShell to /bin/tcsh which isn't listed.

    What files control these?

    **** SOLVED ****

    Hi all,

    For those of you who may be in a similar spot;

    1 - edit the config_template.xml file.
    2 - zip everything up.
    3 - undeploy and redeploy and file
    4 - as user zimbra, re run zmprov mcf +zimbraAccountExtraObjectClass posixAccount

    Then when you create an account, the custom values will show.
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