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Thread: shared mailboxes - implementation help please

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    Question shared mailboxes - implementation help please


    I'd like to set up zimbra so that multiple users can access a shared mailbox

    I know that zimbra supports sharing folders so that part should go fine.

    However, I have some more questions that need to be answered/problems that need to be solved

    - All users must be forced to use a persona associated with the shared mailbox when sending/replying
    - All sent-mail must be consolidated in a shared sent-box, and not in the individual users sent-mail

    I think #1 can be set in the user preferences, however I don't know if this can be set by the server admin
    #2 is more tricky, do I need to set up some filter for outging messages, or can Zimbra handle this for me?

    thanks for any help, tips and setup suggestions!

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    Is it even possible to filter outgoing mail in Zimbra? I saw mention of a bug report on this, but I don't know if this functionality has been added in the latest version.

    I really need this to work, I'd really appreciate your help.

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