Way back when I used to run a cc:Mail system and there were maintenance routines you would run to optimize mailboxes and such. For Zimbra is there a set of "best practice" maintenance routines that I should be running periodically? We've basically been running for 1.5 years without doing anything more than upgrades.

One of the driving reasons to ask is that I have a few users who get "late delivery" of messages. Messages can come from internal or external users, but they show up hours or even days late. So if someone internally sends and email to an internal email list in Zimbra, everyone will get it at 9:12am, except a few who don't see the message (other messages are rolling in) until later in the day. And the message is tucked away in the correct time order.

Do we need to re-index for starters?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thx!