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Thread: Best practice for zimbra: restart required?

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    Default Best practice for zimbra: restart required?

    I analyzed the content of /opt/zimbra and detected some old data and a large redo.log file of 50 MB. After restarting zimbra, the redo log was reduced to 512 KB. - Until now, I was under the assumption to have zimbra running 7x24, only stopping for upgrade or server restart purpose. This means that zimbra might be running for 2 months. Does this make sense?

    What is best practice for a recurring restart and periodic cleanup (e.g. remove old tmp files in /opt/amavisd/tmp, etc.) of a zimbra server?

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    Generally I only restart my ZCS when it needs it. (occasionally java goes wonky for me) Or, of course for upgrades.

    The redolog is an internal function, more like a double-check on what the server has done. Mine seems to peak at about 100-120 megs and cycle onto a new file, and it keeps a few in logrotation.

    I don't know that they're used in the OSS version, but I could be wrong. Here's a good explanation:

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