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    Do Chat's get archived when using the zimbra archive feature? I checked my setup and didn't see the chat history in the archive accounts. I am a school and government requires all electronic communication to be archived. If the chat isn't getting archived then I need to shut off the feature (which I don't want to do).

    Along the same lines, how can I as an administrator force chat history to always be on so If needed I can check to she what was said.


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    Vote for these RFE's:
    IM logging for ZAD: Bug 12697 - Other collaboration data (IM, Docs, Calendars) need to be archived
    IM logging for legal lntercept: Bug 21761 - Legal intercept support: IM

    Note: Legal intercept is intended for recording web-client actions only. While it may log IMAP/ZCO outgoing actions if you 'save a copy to the sent folder' it does not include basic SMTP sends; please see the ZAD add-on if you need guaranteed recording of actions outside of the ZWC.

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