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Thread: [SOLVED] Mail routing Question - sendmail zone1 -> zimbra zone2

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    Default [SOLVED] Mail routing Question - sendmail zone1 -> zimbra zone2

    I'm looking to move back to Solaris 10 (Open Solaris) from Ubuntu Hardy, as I want to put ZCS in a container. Anyone done this yet? (Success?)

    My reason to do so is that I don't like the fact that NON Zimbra users (UNIX users) can't use the UNIX sendmail mail system, getting & receiving emails at that command line.

    Desired Setup as follows:

    Hostname: (global)

    Zone1 =
    - sendmail on port 25
    Zone2 =
    - postfix on port 25

    ALL mail destined for users at goes to Zone1 (sendmail port 25) regardless, its the entry point onto my domain.

    If a user does not exist in Zone1, sendmail usually bounces it, but I would rather sendmail transfer that message to Zone2 where postfix is listening on port 25, then the final decision can be made there, either deliver to a zimbra user or go to bit-bucket.

    Reason being, I don't like having a UNIX server that does not have local mail running. Cron errors and the like can't send email to root user, and I also have an automated email account that pages my cell phone using UNIX scripts and mail, things you can't do when Zimbra hogs all the email inside mysql and not the UNIX shell command line.

    I can set this up easily, however, my Achilles' heel is sendmail, it's a total mystery to me, except for setting up my ISP as my outbound relay and as my incoming. I don't know how to make it forward to another zone (Zon2 port 25) if a user does not exist in the current zone/container.

    Any sendmail gurus wish to tackle this one? I know sendmail can relay for a domain, but can it relay based on a users existence?

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    Thumbs up [SOLVED] Mail routing Question - sendmail zone1 -> zimbra zone2

    In Zone1 I'm running sendmail on port 25. Public IP:25 is routed to Zone1 only.

    This is where the UNIX users play, command line stuff etc...

    unix_user is valid in Zone1
    zimbra_user does not exist in Zone1.

    Mail for unix_user delivered to /var/mail/unix_user (In Zone1)

    Mail for zimbra_user in Zone1 is handled via /etc/mail/aliases
    zimbra_user: zimbra_user@Zone2

    In Zone2, the Zimbra postfix listener on port 25 delivers email for zimbra_user to the ZCS.

    My router is forwarding email for my domain directly to IP of Zone1 on port 25. Zone2 port 25 is very quiet and only gets email from Zone1, this works well, so far.

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