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Thread: DNSBL with "Whitelist Hosts/IP Addresses In Postfix" howto do this the zimbra way

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    Question DNSBL with "Whitelist Hosts/IP Addresses In Postfix" howto do this the zimbra way

    Hi all!

    I have been looking... but have not yet found an obvious "how to" do this the zimbra way i.e. with zmprov or in the admin gui.

    I have started using the dnsbl feature and am happy with the results i am getting with it... but as it is in the world of black lists I have noticed that from time to time one of the major German free mailer is being black listed, and today then one of the ip addresses of my mail service provider.

    I have come across a howto on in which it describes how to do this with Postfix.
    But I am a bit reluctant to go and edit the zimbra ~/postfix/conf/ file without asking in the forum.

    In short here is what is suggested to do in the "how-to-whitelist-hosts-ip-addresses-in-postfix":

    1. Create a postfix/rbl_override file with one entry per line
      Code: OK OK
      mail.freemailer.tld OK
    2. Then run:
      postmap /etc/postfix/rbl_override
    3. Next open postfix/ and search for the smtpd_recipient_restrictions parameter. Add check_client_access hash: ..../postfix/rbl_override to that parameter, after reject_unauth_destination, but before the first blacklist.
      Like So:
      smtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_invalid_hostname,
                                     check_client_access hash: ..../postfix/rbl_override,
    4. Then restart Postfix

    old question: So How Do You Do This The Zimbra Way?

    Revised question: How do you add Whitelists / or excludes to supplement DNSD, so that you can still obtain mail from a site that has been blacklisted on a DNSDL service.
    Above it is explained exactly how to do this with a stock Postfix install. Note the bold bits...

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