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Thread: external ldap for addressbooks only

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    Default external ldap for addressbooks only

    Please excuse my ignorance if this is a particularly stupid question.
    Is it possible to use an external ldap server to provide the gal for that the address book will search but use Zimbra's internal ldap for authentication?

    We have a shared company contacts address book but it is not used for autofilling new email addresses or for easily creating new lists. It seems to be able to share a single address book across the company for these purposes, we need to access an external gal.

    Anne Marshall

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    Go to the Admin UI/Domains/yourdomain and configure the GAL there using the wizard, it can be external or internal.


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    Default Re wording of question

    From your answer reiterating what I knew (that I can use internal or external) I gather it is NOT possible to do what I asked about (splitting the functions).

    I need a way to have my users able to access a single address book for the purposes of autofilling when they begin to address a new email. Being able to look up the address in a shared address book is too slow. I had thought I might be able to solve the problem by creating an external ldap directory where I could store all our external company contact email addresses. But I assume, to do that, I would have to set up the ldap directory so that Zimbra would use it for our user authentication as well. Is that correct?

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