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Thread: Relay just on domain over an other server

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    Default Relay just on domain over an other server

    Hi board,

    I installt zimbra a few days before and works fine. But i have a Problem with an external account: The zimbra user has configured an external POP3 account in his configuration. Wenn he sends a mail over this account zimbra sends this mail directly.
    Can i configure zimbra to send this mail over the external Mailserver, but all other mail shoud be send by zimbra.

    Is there a Parameter for the external account configuration or must i set up a relay funktion for the domain of the external account?

    My Version of Zimbra is:
    Release 5.0.12_GA_2789.DEBIAN4.0 DEBIAN4.0 FOSS edition

    Thanks for your Help

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    Welcome to the forums

    I think you will need to relay that domain using Transport Table for external servers - Zimbra :: Wiki.

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    Tanks for your fast answer.
    I will test it, wenn my ISP has set the reverse DNS for the domain wich zimbra uses. So at the moment we relay all mails about the other mail server.

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