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Thread: [SOLVED] Difference between zmprov and ldapmodify?

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    Default [SOLVED] Difference between zmprov and ldapmodify?

    I'm setting up Zimbra + Samba as PDC and I'd like to bulk provision our existing users. Is there any difference between writing the LDIF manually and making the modifications via ldapmodify, EG passing the following LDIF through "ldapmodify -x -h -D "cn=config" -w ldap_password":

    changetype: modify
    add: objectClass
    objectClass: sambaSamAccount
    objectClass: posixAccount
    add: sambaSID
    sambaSID: ....


    zmprov ma +objectClass sambaSamAccount sambaSID ...
    zmprov ma +objectClass posixAccount

    The reason i'd like to do this via direct LDAP calls, rather than zmprov, is so I can script this on an external machine.

    UPDATE: After some investigation, this should not be an issue. However, in certain instances I have found that if a user's telephone number is recorded with a trailing space and Samba / POSIX information is recorded by means of ldapmodify rather than zmprov the information will still be properly recorded in LDAP but it will not display in the admin UI. This can be fixed by removing the trailing space from the user's phone number; it might also be fixed in Zimbra 5.0.14 (I'm on 5.0.13). Thanks to ajcody for sitting on IM with me today and helping me figure this out.
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