I know there are only 2.5 people here using Mac OS X Open Directory , but I thought it would be a treat to tell you my observations in getting Zimbra to authenticate against our Open Directory service.

Under LDAP server name you can use either the DNS name or the IP address of the OD Master. You can also authenticate against a Replica with the Add URL button (I didn't test fail-over yet--too disruptive.)

LDAP filter, as indicated on another forum post:
(&(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)(objectClass=posixAcc ount)(uid=%u))

Search base is the standard OpenDirectory entry:

In the next screen I left the Bind DN setting empty, as trying to add the directory admin name to this would not work for me in any capacity.

Test with a working username/password from your OD server and it should work just fine. Enjoy!

Chris @ Purohit Nav