FC3 running 3.0.1 upgraded to the newly released 3.1 broke some things. Some are fixed, some are not. I greatly appreciate this product and the effort that has gone into to, but I want to post this so others are fully aware of some of the issues they may have before proceeding so that you can be prepared with a fix or workaround.

When we first installed Zimbra I had to go through some hoops to create a proper certificate for the publically published NAT name instead of the local machine name which is not published to the public. I got some excellent help from Zimbra staff on this and I believe there is a how to for it now (http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?tit...cate_Problems). After the upgrade, my certificates were regenerated which broke the NAT specific certs so I had to reapply this fix.

Besides that however, after logging in the URL is rewritten from the NAT name to the local machine name, which of course is not public. This basically locks out all users from the Zimbra client. This was changed in 3.1 to send users back to the server for clustered environments. I'm not sure why this needed to be changed at all, but it should at least be configurable. The work around is to put redirect=0 in the URL - but with 200+ users, that is an unreasonable expectation to communicate. There is now a quick hack on how to set this variable in the javascript. (http://www.zimbra.com/forums/showpos...9&postcount=13)

Finally, there is an issue with FF on both XP and Linux. If your preference is to compose in a new window, the new window is created but never finishes loading. I'm still working on this issue. IE doesn't seem to have this problem.

So far, these are the only issues I had. The URL redirect had the potential of being a BIG problem. If not for the JS hack then I would have been forced to publish the internal server name publically.