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Thread: Cannot Login In..:(

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    Unhappy Cannot Login In..:(


    I can no longer log in to zimbra remotely...not sure what I did....but I did something...

    Please help...

    I'm running zimbra on port 8001 for on server

    my router is mapping port 8001 to server correctly...

    I do get the sign on screen.....but then I do not get anything else....except page not found.

    login page is
    page not found is

    ..this sounds like a dns problem but not sure.

    I am running my own dns servers internally and all of my servers do resolve...and reverse ip resolve as well....

    I am running ver 3.1...which was successfully upgraded from ver 3.0.1.....


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    I fixed it....

    I had to re-install......thankfully all of my email was not lost...the re-install just incorporated all of it.....nice...very nice.. product...

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