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Thread: [SOLVED] mailbox stops running all of a sudden

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    Thank you very much uxbox, it was the memory, it was running out so zmmailboxdctl either shut itself down or crashed. I don't know which one.

    I was running ubuntu desktop so i just disabled the GUI, removed it from startup and restarted the server and now the memory usage was halved.

    Thank you

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    It was that the swap space was not being used and so when the memory ran out, the system froze up.

    'swapon -s' showed nothing.

    I found that the UUID in 'blkid | grep -i swap' and fstab did not match, so i updated it with the one from 'blkid | grep -i swap' and swap was working again after a restart. Now it constantly uses only about 600mb with about 12 user online in ZWC.

    Problem solved, Thank you uxbox

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