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Thread: how to find the mailbox id

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    Question how to find the mailbox id


    We have a problem in that some email to a particular distribution list which forwards internally to an issue tracker is delayed or does not get delivered at all.

    zmmsgtrace provides all the messages sent to this account in the last 30 days, but does not show any subject which makes it hard to trace which was delivered or delayed. This is an example of the output I get from zmmsgtrace

    Message ID '' -->
    2009-03-02 05:42:19 - localhost.localdomain ( --> mymailserver
    2009-03-02 05:42:19 - mymailserver --> (]:25) status sent

    Any clue where I can find more information on these messages or other logs to search in.

    We did notice that every plain text message was delivered but html is hit and miss. But cannot see why, it affects both mydomain senders and outside world alike.

    Thank you

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    Have a look in /var/log/zimbra.log. You can also increase the Amavisd logging to see what may be effecting the emails. If you wish to do this then :-

    1) cd /opt/zimbra/conf
    2) vi and search for log_level and increase too 3
    3) Save the file and restart ZCS so that it writes to amavisd.conf

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