We've been battling with trying to get Activesync to work with the Outlook connector (and Outlook 2003) for the last few days on multiple machines (including clean XP installs) and have not had much luck. The connector works fine with Outlook until you dare to try to sync your PDA. The following has been our experience:

If Outlook is open when you do the sync, the data syncs into outlook, then outlook promptly crashes. Subsequent attempts to run Outlook get you in, but it crashes again within about a minute (probably when it attempts the Zimbra sync.)

If you sync with Outlook closed, Activesync looks like it is working, but in the end says that every item is unresolved, kicking out an error code 8007000E generally on each item. If you open Outlook at this point, it says "..../Zimbra.zdb is already in use by the maximum number of applications." You then remove the PDA, reopen Outlook, and get the same behavior as above (crashes in about a minute.) The only difference is that this time, none of the data is synced.

We've tried this on a variety of Outlook patch levels, from a stock 2003 install to an SP2 + Outlook update, and still have had no luck. This functionality is relatively critical for us, so any help and/or workarounds/alternatives would be greatly appreciated.