Well we have been running Zimbra all week and it is great! I had some server issues (Compaq Proliant 8500 with dual 700mhz PIII Xeons, 10,000RPM SCSI drives and 2gb RAM running FC4). I disabled logging. spell checking, IMAP, and POP and it has been fine since. Does this make sense? We were hoping to run everything so if you have any suggestions we would appreciate them. The only issues we are having are:

1. In the email headers it says localhost.localdomain in a received field. We want this to be the server name instead so we don't trigger spam filters etc. I found a way in the admin side to change it but there is one received field that still shows localhost.

2. One domain we are serving is tied to Active Directory. Authentication works by bouncing off AD but is there a way to import AD accounts into Zimbra so we don't have to provision them all by hand?

3. Is there a way for a client to check an additional non-Zimbra email account within the AJAX client? We have a request from a student that wants to check his school's pop email from within Zimbra.

Thanks so much for all your help!