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Thread: Instance of Meeting Does Not Appear in Calendars

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    Default Instance of Meeting Does Not Appear in Calendars

    We have a user with a recurring meeting, with multiple participant. For one instance of the meeting, it is appearing on some participants' calendars but not others. For the ones that it is not appearing, I looked through their email, and they seem to have received the pertinent meeting request and modification messages. When new modification messages are sent, if the users select the message and click "Accept" in the email interface, still nothing appears in their calendars.

    Any thoughts are appreciated - I'm not even sure how to troubleshoot this further (we've only been on Zimbra for a few months). I searched the bugs, but didn't find one that I could specifically match to this.

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    Default Similar issues here


    We've seen very similar things here at our university. We had one situation where an instance of a recurring meeting was cancelled. It did not disappear for a couple of the attendees calendars, but did for others. We even saw the Cancellation email in one user's Inbox, and the cancelled instance of the meeting was still showing on his calendar. We have also had reports of modifications to meetings not taking effect on all users' calendars. Most of our issues have been with recurring meetings.

    In a couple cases we have found that the problem was that the user creating the meeting did not have the "Invite" calendar right for certain users and that was why certain meetings weren't showing up. But other cases still have us baffled. These problems seem to occur mostly with user's who are running Outlook with ZCO for their mail and have the web client open at the same time for their calendaring. Not always, but I would say that this is the case about 80% of the time.

    We just upgraded to 5.0.16 NE from 5.0.12. We have seen these oddities both before and after the upgrade. We have multiple mailstores, mtas and ldap servers and use Zimbra's web proxy feature. These things could also be factors.

    If you've come up with any solutions or theories, I'd love to hear them.

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