Hi all!

I've managed to install a complete Zimbra server on my LAN, with every module except proxy and convertd. I've installed too only Zimbra MTA + Zimbra Proxy on my DMZ. I've configured Zimbra server on the LAN to relay mail of other domains different from the internal to the MTA on DMZ server. My question is:

How must I configure DMZ server to to the following:
1) Relay all incoming mail from the Internet to Zimbra Server (which also has MTA) on the LAN (I mean mail sent to domain users in my domain, configured on the internal server).
2) Discard incoming mail not directed to domain users
3) send mail to other domains received from Zimbra internal server on my LAN

Can I have Zimbra MTA on the DMZ wihtout using LDAP port to access Zimbra internal server on the LAN? I only want Zimbra MTA on DMZ to relay mail...

Could anyone help me with these? Help would be so much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!