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Thread: [SOLVED] Removing a mountpoint for a single mailbox via CLI...

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    Default [SOLVED] Removing a mountpoint for a single mailbox via CLI...

    This should be an easy one...

    I want to delete a mountpoint for one mail box. (This user no longer needs access to it.)

    I've used the CLI to create/give access to the mountpoint before, but not to remove it.

    There is a "deleteFolder" (df) command available. Once I have selected the user's mailbox, am I correct in my assumption that this will simply remove the mountpoint/share and NOT actually delete it?

    Treading lightly because the share is very critical.

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

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    Welcome to the forums,

    As long as you run deleteFolder on the account receiving the share (sharee/mount), and not the person who shared it (sharer/origin folder) you wont loose anything.

    As discussed in Bug 26729 - RFE : deleteMountpoint command for zmmailbox :
    It might be counter-intuitive but the back-end server treats mail, contacts, calendars, search, and mountpoints all like folders.
    The createMountpoint command also refers to folders in its usage: createMountpoint(cm) [opts] {folder-name} {owner-id-or-name} {remote-item-id-or-path} -F/--flags <arg> flags -c/--color <arg> color -V/--view <arg> default type for folder.
    We decided not to have an explosion of commands (renameSearchFolder, renameAddressBook, renameCalendar, renameTask, renameNotebook, renameBriefcase, renameMountpoint, deleteTask, deleteNotebook, deleteCalendar, modifyTaskColor, modifyCalendarColor, etc ,etc) and instead expose them all as ___Folder commands.
    That said if enough truly get confused and worry that it would delete the orgin rather than simply the mount we'll revisit.

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    Worked like a charm.


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    It might be useful to either explicitly document this somewhere (like specifically say that it acts on a local mountpoint rather than the source folder if the folder is shared), or go ahead and make an alias command to delete a mountpoint. I've seen several people be scared to delete a mountpoint out of fear it would delete the original source folder because they had admin privs on the source folder. It took me a good hour of searching on Google to find this thread, and this is the only place on the internet I could find that explicitly points out that it's safe because it only deletes the actual mountpoint.

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