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Thread: Links in Documents vs. Email; fix needed to solve problem opening links to PDF files

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    Default Links in Documents vs. Email; fix needed to solve problem opening links to PDF files

    I have a Zimbra Document page that contains links to a lot of PDF files.

    My problem is this -- if the user has Adobe Reader browser plugin installed (for FF or IE) , the links do nothing when clicked.

    If the user doesn't have the browser plugin enabled, then the browser will prompt them to save or open the file, but this is not the default setup.

    However, they can right-click save as on the link, but this is not a perfect solution.

    In short, this is making Zimbra Documents not a viable solution for distributing PDF files.

    For testing, I sent an email with a link to a PDF and it opens it just fine. So this problem only occurs with a Zimbra document, and links to PDF files in an email message work just fine.

    I tried changing the link to have a different target (like target="_blank"), but it turns out that Zimbra already adds target="_blank" to all links in Document page, and I can't find a way to alter this, but I'm not 100% sure if this is even the root of the problem.

    Again, links to PDF files in an email message open as expected. I looked at the HTML source for the email message, and it appears that the links do include a target="_blank" attribute (just like with Documents).

    I'm assuming the problem has something to do with how a Zimbra Document page is served within the Zimbra Web Client.

    Could someone assist me in "hacking" Documents to fix this problem?

    Update: I found a server level fix for the problem, but I don't know how to implement it with Zimbra. See posts below.
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